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Climate psychology

From the NY Times, Gray Matter: “We’re all climate change idiots” “CLIMATE CHANGE is staring us in the face. The science is clear, and the need to reduce planet-warming emissions has grown urgent. So why, collectively, are we doing so little about it? “Yes, there are political and economic barriers, as well as some strong ideological opposition, […]

Leehi Yona, Dartmouth student, Canadian, and determined environmental activist, spoke on a panel on climate change in the Arctic. Leehi gave an impassioned call to action, giving voice to the concerns of Arctic youth around the world. See Leehi’s speech here in three parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three After a disturbing presentation on Arctic […]

Baggage claim

Over the last 24 hours, as Sam, Sophie and I made our way blearily through airport security checkpoints, negotiations continued into overtime at the UNFCCC conference. In the meantime, courtesy of Pitchfork: “I grew up with bands like Beck and Sonic Youth and Nirvana— it was cool to not care. But we live in a […]

I’ve spent two of the last few days schmoozing with businessmen and a few women at some very plush events: the World Climate Summit at the Ritz-Carlton, and the International Emissions Trading Association meeting in the Diplomatic Club. Both events focused heavily on the role of business in climate change, the focus of our research […]

Take the Wesleyan Sustainability Pledge: “Hi All, As part of the activities of the Environmental Advocacy Strategies that Work seminar this semester students have created a Holiday Sustainability Pledge on Facebook.  You can access the pledge here. Please consider taking the pledge and inviting everyone that you know.  It would be pretty exciting if a pledge started at […]

From Dawn to Dusk

It’s hard to believe that Doha can go from a plain looking city in the day time to one of the most beautifully lit cities I’ve ever seen. -Samantha

Climate Change skeptics exist everywhere, even  – in small numbers – at the UNFCCC. They vigorously criticize evidence that suggests global warming is man-made. We should always challenge ourselves to understand the entirety of a subject such as climate. I think understanding and examining the phenomenon of climate change denial could be beneficial. I find myself […]

From “Letter to Ministers and Negotiators Who Care About People and the Climate”: In the final days of Doha, the world is deciding what type of international climate controls and finance will be in place from now until 2020. If the ‘Doha deal’ will set us on a track to exceed 1.5°C, if it ensures a […]

A brief conversation

This morning, Sophie and I had a short exchange with a senior diplomat about the progress of the negotiations. “Things are not going so well,” the official told us. The source referred to “a change of heart” on the part of many countries in the aftermath of the global economic crisis in respect to mitigation commitments. […]

Heroism at the COP

The youth are at it again, bright and early.  Take a look here to see why the GCF is a hot topic in the negotiations. Delegates, CAN you be our heroes? -Samantha

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