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Somehow, it is already Day 8 here at COP18/CMP8. Ministers from around the world arrived at the convention center on Monday to join the conference in its second week. Though the big picture is coming into focus as the days go on, many outcomes on key negotiation topics are not yet settled. The main items on table in Doha remain […]

This morning, delegates from the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition led an action promoting their Climate Legacy campaign. Wearing red dots as a “statement of solidarity with the people living and fighting on the front lines of a warmed world. Launched at the United Nations climate talks in Doha, it is as also a reminder to […]

Over 150 youth delegates from around the world are attending COP 18. They come to lend their voices to the debate on the future of climate change. The youth delegates represent numerous civil society organizations including Climate Justice Now (CJN), [Earth in Brackets], the Arab Youth Society, Climate Action Network, and  Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition. Thursday, […]

Interviews from the Corniche

We decided to try out some amateur video journalism! (A big shout out to the Wesleyan COE for the flip-cams.) From Saturday’s climate justice march: Panafrican Climate Justice Alliance “Food For All” Youth Marchers Namibian Protestor

  (image via Leehi Yona, Dartmouth student and Canadian extraordinaire)

Marching in Doha!

This morning Chloe and I participated in the Climate March, apparently the first-ever march in Doha. The number of people there and the crowd’s enthusiasm were infectious. Many different environmental groups, from Vegans for Peace, Climate Action Now, and 350.org to the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance, held their banners proudly as we marched down the […]

Though everyone is ostensibly here at COP18 to grapple with climate change issues, the range of views espoused and the politics are truly mind-boggling. We’ve been processing a massive quantity of information in the past few days, largely gained from the panels we attend.  These include discussions about REDD+, climate-smart agriculture, indigenous rights, the Green […]

Thousands of activists from across the Arab region and around the world marched in Doha, this morning.  They demanded urgent action to address climate change at the UN negotiations taking place until the end of next week (7 December). The march is thought to be the first ever event of its kind in the history […]

The Head of the U.S. delegation wants you to know that the most fundamental decisions about U.S climate policy have already been made – not here in Doha, but back at home. First, some brief background. The United States and the EU are the second and third heaviest polluters in the world. The emissions of […]

(with a fabulous opening montage. the music makes it all worth it.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS17flq5Gao  

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